• Mission

    A Professional refractories Brand for global aluminum industry;Help customers to achieve reliable process , green manufacturing and innovative product;Technology and services make the environment better.

  • Visson

    Be a good company,  a world-class material company being respected by  industry.

  • Values

    Honest and trustworthy, pragmatic and hardworking, professional and dedicated, growing and sharing.


Refuta Refractories Co.,Ltd.

        Refuta Refractories Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005, locating at Changzhou Science & Educationg Town. The production base is located at Shanghuang Science and Technology Park in Liyang city, covering an area of 35000㎡. Refuta Refractories set up several member enterprises , including Refuta New Materials Co., Ltd. ,Changzhou Ruisheng High-Temp. Material Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Ruixiang Management Consulting Limited Partnership.

        As the professional manufacturer of advanced monolithic and functional refractory, Refuta engaged in providing customized high-temperature materials and solutions for Aluminum Casting and Melting. Products are widely used in high temperature furnaces and kilns in aluminum and non-ferrous industry, iron & steel industry, foundry industry, electricity power generation industry, waste incinerator and etc. Refuta has the nationwide sales network and service cover the Asian-Pacific region, can make quick response to customers’ needs.


      Registering and locating at Liyang city of Jiangsu province, Changzhou Ruisheng High-Temp. Material Co.,Ltd was establised by Refuta Refractories Co.,Ltd and the other investors. Ruisheng gathering many professionals in monolithic refractories area for R&D, produce, sales and service.

      As a of the member enterprises of Refuta group, Ruisheng has already being a expert for high performance refractory for Foundry and Non-Ferrous Alloy Melting industry and masters the world advanced production technology of monolithic refractories. Ruisheng has the ability to provide the most advanced products for domestic and overseas customers.    

      The experienced sales and service team of monolithic refractories area can professional know the melting technology and requirements, provides special suggestions, complete solutions and whole installation services for customers. 

R&D Center

        Refuta Refractories Co., Ltd. has 2000 m2 of research and test platform, complete quality management system, advanced detection equipment, which is committed to provide customized refractories and solutions for aluminum and high-performance metal industry.                   
        R & D center team includes professionals on materials, application and management with background of multinational companies. Its core backbone is composed of the returnee’s master and doctor, who won the honor of Jiangsu Talents Association experts, Changzhou Talent experts and so on. They not only have many years of experience in research and development of refractories, but also have profound professional attainments and international product development ideas. Moreover, the R & D center also hires professors including the Recruitment Program of Global Experts as the technical support consultant.
        In 2014, the R & D center was recognized as "Changzhou Engineering Technology Research Center of Carbon Nano-material and Functional Thermal Ceramics" by Changzhou. In 2016, the center and Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly established "Engineering Practice and Education Center".
        As the company grows, the R & D center has completed a series of core work on development, evaluation, pilot, intellectual property protection of new products. The center will continue to carry out domestic and international exchanges in the field of aluminum and high-performance metal industry, nano-material technology and in-situ evaluation research, and do efforts to make it become the innovative research and development platform leading international and domestic, to attract more talented people to join the company and to laid a solid foundation for promoting faster and better development of the company.

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