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Quick Setting, Maintaining Plastics and Castable

Quick setting and Quick Fire Maintaining Castable

RFT QMB serious is a two component system easily placed castable. When mixed together, it will form a rapid setting. RFT QMB 10 does not require a lengthy curing cycle and can be placed in service within several hours of setting without further drying.



Maintaining Plastics

RFT Plastic series products are phosphate bonded plastic refractory, designed for construction and maintenance of furnace burner and so on. RFT Plastic PR series products are especially suitable for the repairmen in thin layer.



Ready-to-use Wet Mortar

RFT MT SUPER is a super mortar. Designed for the bonding of bricks with high service temperature, easy bonding and small shrinkage.



Refractory Castable for Heat Resistant Flooring

RFTC MD TF is a 1300 ºC high alumina castable with high strength, abrasion resistant, excellent thermal shock properties. This product is designed for flooring applications which are exposed to extreme heat and metal splash


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