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Transferring Ladle, Degassing Box, Filtering Box and Launder

Refractory for Transferring Ladle, Degassing Box,Filtring Box and Launder


        RFTC GV Series is a fused silica based castable which provide optimal property and substrate design. Compared with other castable, GV almost has non volumetric change below 1000. Made by RFTC GV Series with optimal surface and non-wetting property to aluminum alloys, it is specially suitable for trough, degassing boxes, filter boxes, ladle used for long range transport and so on. GV-116 and GV-216 have better insulation property, which are suitable for the pre-cast, such as shunt plate, casting machine.

Refractory for Transferring Ladle
AreaMaterialsProduct Recommendation

Floor, Sidewall and 

Aluminum Contact

Aluminum Non-wetting CastableRFTC AL 81HRFTC GVRFTC UAL 885RFTC UAL 883RFTC UAL 949A

Refractory for Deagssing Box and Filtering Box
AreaMaterialsProduct Recommendation
Floor, Sidewall and Aluminum ContactAluminum Non-wetting CastableRFTC AL 81HRFTC GVRFTC UAL 885RFTC UAL 883RFTC AL 877

Refractory for Launder
AreaMaterialsProduct Recommendation

For Long Distance Transportation

 with Insulation and Low 

Temperature Drop

Aluminum Non-wetting CastableRFTC GVRFTC GV-216

For Short Distance Transportation

 with Strong Resistance to Erosion

Aluminum Non-wetting CastableRFTC AL 873ACRFTC LC 40SiCRFTC LC 60SiCRFTC LC 80SiCRFTC UAL 885

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